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with this and tara moriarty is on the scene and we will have another report coming up soon. let's look apt the bay bridge toll plaza, the morning commute is doing well with no around problems. northbound 280, let's go to steve. >> thanks you sal. >>> well, there is a big demolish of high pressure, it is one of those great december days and probably into most of tuesday cold doesn't bring much rain but today is a nice day, we get that offshore breeze with an offshore flow and that means temperatures by the coast, beautiful, we get that north, northeast wind and it is a cold pattern and it is windy up in the hills, anywhere from 3040 and 42. so there it ising is big gisms and it will sweep through. temperaturep inning up and it will turn noticeably cooler. today will be warmer and breezezy at times, it is one of those rare occasions where san francisco can be warmer, brantley more began hill, clouds and rain to the north, it looks like rain comes in. >>> well the australians are now speaking out. >> it could have been a prank call. >> the tearful apology and what has now happened to their radio show
to the desk. >>> they are cleaning up from a video store. tara moriarty is there so this is not an accident, correct? >> reporter: this was done on purpose. we were the first crews to arrive and we thought it might be an accident but no, it was deliberate. you can see crews have now board up the store. here is a dramatic look at the car parked inside the store and they smashed through in order to make a brazen burglary. the incident happened shortly before 4:00 a.m. this morning. it triggered the alarm and police arrived just after 4:00. police were running the license plate and they believe the car was stolen. the driver is nowhere to be seen. officers found iphones missing from the display case and they are not sure if they ran away. she was shocked. she said somebody threw a rock through the window but nothing like this never. obviously they will be closed for business today and there is a video camera in the store but it is pointed towards the cash register so it is doubtful they will have it for the burglary. again all of this damage for a couple of iphones, live in concord, tara mori
and they knew exactly what to do in this situation. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> time now 5:02 san francisco police has confirmed the man has died after the police found a man and woman inside. >> well the couple was found on the in -- inbound where they spotted a man and woman bound and gagged in the middle of the street. they had some tram in, they -- the man was semiconscious and the woman was semiconscious, they were stabbed and beaten and the question is, where exactly did the crime happen. >> part of the investigation is to find out -- or did they find out they were dumped here. >> reporter: they are also looking for surveillance video if they happen to have them pointed out. earlier this morning, the man was taken to the hospital and died. the woman is still in the hospital and the next step investigators are waiting for her to be stabilized so that hopefully they can talk to her about what happened. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> east pay losing streak. he was charged with the murder in a parking garage. giselle esteban thought her ex- boyfriend was ha
. >>> we have been following breaking news out of the area, tara moriarty just arrived at the scene and it's an apartment fire at the bart station. >> that's right, we are only a block away from the bart station. >> reporter: these are some apartment complexes and you can see firefighters right now are making sure there are no more hot spots in the addict -- attic but you can see there was nothing left and joining me right now is the battalion chief to tell me more, this was a raging fire when you guys came, right? >> yes, it was a single story apartment complex fire as well as the other unit. >> reporter: there was a mother and son, they were able to get out? >> yes, they were able to get out prior to us arriving. >> reporter: do you have any idea what caused this fire? >> it could have been malicious but we have nothing to prove that and we have an investigation team to discover the cause of the fire. we have a unit adjacent and they had a mom and dad and two kids who were affected. >> reporter: so in all six people had to be forced out? >> yes. that is correct. >> reporter: again, thank
michelle le. live outside the courthouse tara moriarty also it us know she will be behind bars for a long time. >> reporter: 25 years to life is what giselle esteban received. after the 25 years, it will be up to the department of corrections to decide if he is he is could get out on parole. >> it is not what is right but it is the most they can do and we -- we are just glad that some form of justice has been served. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed in the courtroom but we caught up immediately with michelle le's family after giselle esteban's sentencing. >> i want everybody to know how much michelle le impacted our family, christine and i and we will try to live our lives trying to do enough good while she is not with us. >> reporter: the judge said giselle esteban never showed a hint of remorse. >> we always said she felt no remorse, just stared directly at our family with a blank stair so it was good he pointed that out. >> reporter: prosecutors said giselle esteban killed 26-year- old michelle le in may 2011 in the misguided believe she was having a romantic relationship with the
and tara moriarty has a live update for you coming up at 6:30. >> an incredible story after a man and woman were found bound and gagged in the middle of the street, allie has more on this investigation. the man as you mentioned, he and a woman were found bound and gag together in buzzel street -- busel street right in the border of those neighborhoods in san francisco. a resident in the area spotted the couple and called police last night. both victims suffered trauma and police were not able to tell us whether they had been shot beaten or stabbed. we know where the couple was found and investigators are trying to figure out where the crime occurred. >> we are reaching out to the neighborhood and to the community to see if anybody has any information about where the investigation was to find out what happened. >> san francisco police are canvassing the neighborhood and one thing they are trying to find out, where were they injured or were they drafted off after they were assaulted. police are wondering if they have surveillance video and if they have seen anything unusual tip 411. they are
approaching the 880, we have a fatal car crash. let's go to tara moriarty. >> reporter: two cars were involved as well as a smaller sedan and a couple, a man and woman were driving in that sedan and were rear-ended by the suv. it is believed that the sedan was driving at a slow rate of speed and we don't know if that contributed to that accident and the women in the sedan is dead and it happened at 330. can you tell me if you know anybody who was involved in this crash. >> it appears they were coming down on the bridge and was rear- ended by a much larger suv. >> reporter: did drugs or alcohol play a factor or anything like that? >> right now the sobriety -- sobriety gives no indication of whether it was a factor. >> reporter: how long will the bridge be affected? >> like you said we are hopping to have more about -- hoping to have more in about an hour. >> reporter: this will be clear before 6:00 and traffic is moving along nicely as only one lane is affected towards the end of the print so we will of course let you know if anything changes with that or if we get anymore information regardin
in the city of santa clara received a burst of energy in the form of solar power this afternoon. tara moriarty is live in the newsroom to explain who will benefit. good afternoon, tara. >> well, less than one hour ago, santa clara power dedicated its first set of solar power grids. now, they've flipped the switch and turned that into the first research location. 1,000 panels will generate enough electricity to power 2,000 homes. this will help scathe off pollution. mia salay provided the panel. >> we're really happy with the partnership with mia salay. they get a large demonstration of their project close to the home. we win because we're able to bring that power in and bring this into our system and supply our customers in santa clara. >> the project is located on a stretch of land of a park, jenny, named after a whirl who died in 1986 -- girl who died in 1986. mia said they were happy to produce green power. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news >>> it's hard to find the find today. a new storm moving in. a new round of rain coming our way. scattered showers already reported over the northern e
fishermen's boats are not budging from the docks. it's all because of a price war over crab. tara moriarty joins us live from the newsroom to explain what is making the strike worse. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. more than 100 local crab fisher boats have not left the harbor but some oregon fishermen is hate hitting the -- are feeling the pinch. one boat offloading was from oregon. before thanksgiving, fishermen were earning $3 a pound and demand took a dip and the prices plunged. and that's caused a shortage of the crab in the bay area. the dispute started on sunday when crab boat skippers heard that they were planning to cut the prices to $1.80 for fresh crab. >> we started at 3 bucks. we fished for a couple of weeks before the wind came up and now the wind has died off. we're ready to go fishing again. we want the same 3 bucks. our expenses are the same and there's less crab in the water. >> reporter: now he says he has $2.7 million tied up in his boat and he's sick of local strikes trying to hold him hostage. >> these guys are trying to write every law they can to
cold and frosty as well. live from pet law ma i'm tara moriarty. >>> time is 5:04. 11-year-old petaluma girl is in critical condition. she was hit by a van outside of an elementary school. the this happened yesterday afternoon. the kids were leaving. police think the girl ran out into the street and was not in a crosswalk when the van hit her. they do not believe speed or alcohol was a factor here. it appears the driver swerved to avoid hitting her but could not stop in time. >>> more funerals planned today. so far the community has said goodbye to four children. three more will be buried today. teacher victoria soto will also be laid to rest. her family says she died protecting her terrified students. a visitation will be held for sandy hook principal dawn hoc sprung. last night in pleasanton there was a big outpouring of support. dozens of people were there for a candle light vigil. this was all organized by students and parents at henry moore elementary. they also raised money for the victims and their families. >> it's really important for us to stand as one for our nation, for our
, it was confirmed. tara moriarty has more on the future heir to the throne. >> the words are true. kate middleton is pregnant. the palace didn't what to release the good news this early but because the duchess was hospitalized with severe morning sickness, they decide to announcement. now, royals say kate was admitted to the hospital because of a severe case of morning sickness. kate will be hospital identificationed for several days and will require a period of rest theirafter. the palace didn't say how long she is but noted she was in the very early stages of the pregnancy. kate and william were married back in april 2011 and this is their first child together. if the child is born while queen elizabeth is still alive, he or she instantly jumps prince harry and becomes the third in line for the throne. now, whether boy or girl, the child stands a good chance of becoming monarch and now the big topic of discussion will be baby names. those include everything from edmond and george and even diana, a nod to the princess of wales. life from the newsroom, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank
information has apparently committed suicide. tara moriarty has more. we have reaction from the couple and the hospital where she worked. >> well the nurse who transferred a prank phone call about the judges of cambridge has died in a suspected suicide two days after being duped, she was found dead near king edward's vii hospital. she was working on the switch board when the dj's coaxed her into transferring them for an update on the sickness of caught middleton. the duke and duchess of dame bridge are deeply sattenned and the complaint had not made a complaint about the planning call. it is not being treated as suspicious. authorities did not say if there was a suicide note or if her death was directly linked to the hoax which sparked outrage in britain. >> she was a victim of the hoax called to the hospital. the hospital had been supporting her through the difficult time. jacintha was a first class nurse who cared diligently for hundreds of patients with us. >> hospital officials were not disciplining the nurse over the incident and said she had worked with them for more than four ye
will range until friday and do that and if you have pictures to share send them there. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> a 10 million dollar public relations contract for the new eastern span of the bay bridge has been cancelled. according to the sacramento bee cal trans signed a contract with the pr frm in august, that included the production of a book and that. it has canceled it saying it is not a wise use of resources. >>> a woman is dead after a crash on the san mateo bridge. it happened on 3:30 on the far right lane of westbound highway 92. they say and suv plowed into a small sedan driving slowly because of a flat tire. the driver of the sedan had minor injuries but the passenger in the back seat was declared dead at the scene. >>> the london coroner releases new details about the death of a nurse who committed suicide after falling for a prank regarding the dutchess of cambridge. >>> plus it is cold outside. your weekend forecast is always in view. meteorologist steve paulson is here with what you can expect. >>> software company founder john mcafee is back on u.s. soil. what
for those in the bay area. tara moriarty is live with what officials are trying to keep your kids safe. >> reporter: security is weighing heavily on the minds on public and private schools. a california superintendent is expect -- isn't expecting a lot of discussion in the matter. now all 1100 school districts are being told to review their safety plans. many schools are considering putting new safety measures into place including cameras, guards, fences, and so some cases metal detectors. >> i'm confident california schools are safe and administrators are doing an excellent job in assuring the plans are fresh and up to date. >> reporter: some parents argue adding more security won't keep someone from entering a school. pointing out sandy hook elementary had a locked door into the school but the gunman shot his way through it. >> it's not going to stop somebody. that is their intention. they obviously think about it and then go do it. >> reporter: after the columbine shootings in colorado schools started doing armed intruder drills. you can expect those to increase. some districts are
on the street. tara moriarty joins us live. >> reporter: police say they found a stash of fake ipad boxes inside of a car. and they don't know exactly how much the person was intending to sell them for but they believe it was cheaper than what ipads normally go for which is between $300 and $800. inside of those boxes there was a replica ipad that was made out of a picture frame. it was wrapped with duct tape to mimic the back of similar ipad models. and to throw them off more it was wrapped in bubble wrap to hide its true feature. it's unknown where they were going to be sold. we are not sure if this was part of a larger ring. so just remember to open up every product and inspect it before purchasing it. while customers are doing their christmas shopping, police say they are going to be stepping up patrols in vallejo around shopping centers and in the downtown area. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty. >>> sentencing today for a san francisco school cafeteria worker convicted of several sexual assaults. he was convicted of attacking three women in the mission district last year. one of the vict
, is affecting parents and kids all over the country, including right here in the bay area. ktvu's tara moriarty is live in san francisco with more on how students will honor the victims in newtown -- newtown, today. >> reporter: well, they plan to stand in solidarity with the students by wearing their school colors. behind me here, you can see there is a fence up around this school. that, of course, is gonna be the topic of discussion among a lot of school administrators. many schools have fences designed to keep intruders out. but if they get in, it's questionable how far they can get. california's superintendent expects more discussions about this. he's alerted all 1100 public school districts to reskew safety plans -- review safety plans. >> you minimize the risk as best you can. we can't live in fear and have every school be a closed fortress of some kind. it's a place of learning. >> reporter: some parents say sandy hook elementary had a locked door through the school but a gunman shot his way through it. state legislators say this is vulnerable. >> it's not gonna stop somebody if that's t
temperatures coming up as well. good morning, rosemary orozco back to tara moriarty. >> right behalf hospital curve, that is near the caesar chavez so be aware of it and we are flowing nicely into san francisco at this hour. let's go back to the desk. >>> a west and rescue operation is underway and police say it all started when they pulled over a suspected drunk driver right near college avenue in fairfax. this is video from the scene we are just getting. the suspect just took off on foot and they saw the man jump into a nearby creek. search and rescue teams have been looking into the water and it is still unclear if he was in the was the he error -- water or if he did get away. >>> storm watch monitoring the borders of east palo alto and menlo park. janine de la vega joins us live from a creek that overflowed, good morning. >> reporter: well the san francisco creek has definitely receded and the water is flowing well but you see that mark, it was just below the white, a foot below that so it has definitely receded. let's go to video, you can see just how high water came up near the creek. i
tara moriarty will tell us more coming up. let's look at the westbound bay bridge, that traffic is moving well. so far so good on all the freeways. >>> there is some patchy fog up in the north bay. this it could be a few scattered showers and man, there a lot of 30s and they will continue to drop. 30s inland and around the area of redding, ukiah, 6 in tahoe and sacramento so we have a lot of the companies on these lows. they could sneak back in and there is so much going on here the forecast models are so fast they can't really handle it. the systems want to come down and go parallel to the coast. it means clouds rain or partly cloudy. i am broad brushing the whole thing here. if you like 50s on the temperatures, this is your kind much weather. that is exactly what your forecast is going to be increasing clouds monday and tuesday, pam? >>> the reason america's best known charity groups is the target of the protest. >>> video of a lamborghini speeding through a tunnel. the san francisco car speeding through the tunnel overnight. . >>> the san francisco car speeding through the tu
an update from the public work's department. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police in oakland have confirmed the shooting depth of two -- death of two teenage girls. the suspects have not been identified but are said to be three men and a boy. they were gunned down november 25th near brook dale park. no motive has been mentioned. >>> today they are talking about a small group of pro test -- protesters. they say because of zoning laws they never should have been given a permit to open this month. >> a gym takes four years to get approved and lots of neighborhood comments, there was none here. >> they will determine whether or not the 711 can stay -- seven 11 whether or not they can stay open since it has been deemed technically residential. >>> it's right near there and they determined the building is unsafe and needs to be demolished but it was once home to the country's largest swimming pool. >> very interesting. >> 4:36 no rain to talk about, cold out there but let's toss to traffic. good morning sal. >>> we are off to a good start and the rest of the roads, let's
. >>> coming up, the message he had for the word on this who'll tie. unfortunately, tara moriarty has an accident. >>> the impact was so severe the front wheels of the car were completely off. one lane is closed and there is quite a lot of debris so they will have to clear that out. pittsburgh, you can see traffic is flowing well. the traffic is hard to make but it is right there on the right- hand side at the caldecott tunnel. >>> good morning to you, second half of our christmas day, it will be a bit stormy, this is the storm and they are sue potting -- supporting light rain. you can't rule out the possibility of splash and dash showers but it is the afternoon where we will have to be watchful with saturated soils already in place that they will begin to rise. highway 101, clover dale, hillsboro, even santa rosa is are aring fog this morning so if you have an early morning drive, that you should be aware of. for the most part we are dry, partly cloudy skies, here comes the front, light rain is falling over parts of the north bay, it becomes more steady and we will see it is just to
. i forgot to ask him. sal castaneda is off today, maybe he is out there, here is tara moriarty. >>> we have a crash near caesar chavez, want you to be aware of that. on the off ramp, a car is in the process of being moved over to the shoulder. let's take a look outside, you can see traffic is moving nicely into san francisco right now and at the golden gate bridge, same story, there is a little bit of condensation making your way into the city and finally 280 at the 880 split, traffic is flowing nicely in all directions, here is more. >>> no rain in store for your monday. that storm that passed through yesterday, they are causing all kinds of trouble and they still have trouble through the area where there is a flood watch in the area. minor flooding is going on there as well as in reyes. you can -- in areas to the south. this is the next system that will come in on christmas day. i actually want to point to bolder creek, wow, 5 inches in one day. in that short amount of time, santa rosa picked up 1 / 10th napa one and a half and that was just for sunday. we have seen three sto
at the park. here is tara moriarty with traffic. >>> this is 880 at the coliseum, traffic is looking good this christmas day, not too many folks on the roadway. this is the coliseum, not too many folks, same story, let's go back to the desk. >>> the california storm, conservation is sandbagging in east palo alto. janine de la vega is down there again this morning to show us the repairs being made before the rain comes in again today, good morning janine de la vega. >> reporter: you can see the ground is actually still wet even though it did rain overnight but authorities are trying to protect the homes that are up against the creek. this is video from the concert vague crew -- conservation crews trying to protect the homes. the levee over flooded and caused a mandatory evacuation of several homes. you can see it is up on daphne way where there was bad water damage. this family was taking it all in stride. >> as long as we have something to eat, we cool, you hear me? >> city council say the emergency office came out to figure out how to temporarily fix the levee. the emergency work should
information. >>> we are learning more about the fire which started in hayward. tara moriarty joins us now with an interesting update, tara? >> reporter: the woman who used to live here said she heard glass shattering and she believed it was a molotov connect -- molotov cocktail and when she came down she saw fire and she and her son ran out. the top and bottom of the apartment building was engulfed and the fire department was able to knock out the fire within ten minutes and prevent it from spreading to other people's homes. the woman who lived here said the fire was set intentionally and she received threats recently. >> it looked like hell, flames was shotting everywhere and when she opened her door, it seems like the flames escalated. >> now another family had to be evacuated and mother and son are staying with friends until they can get back on their feet. crews just pulled out and right now they are waiting for the arson investigator to take a look at this. you can see this apartment was completely gutted and no word yet on an estimate for damages. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 mornin
. let's go to tara moriarty who has been following this story since 4:30, tara? >> reporter: it left about 15 minutes ago but it has impacted traffic on 792 westbound and we are just after the high-rise. the chp said a driver slammed m seat and she was killed in morning. the sedan was driving at 3 miles per hour and they were experiencing some mechanical problems but the suv came up very quickly and could not break in time. it does not appear alcohol played a role in this crash. the impact was just very distraught and the driver from the scene had to be taken and we are told there was no child in the car and however we are told the victim who was here was indeed a young mother. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> time now 6:02 overnight in san francisco, a bicyclist was seriously hurt after being hit by a between a street traffic. his injuries are considered not life-threatening. >>> her body was found where san fernando crosses over the quat -- good loop -- yacht loop river. >> reporter: somebody passing by here looked under the bridge and spot add woman down on the
to 25 years to life today. ktvu's tara moriarty reports on the courtroom behavior the judge sited before he handed down giselle esteban's fate. >> justice has been served. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed in but we caught up with michelle le's brother and cousin after giselle esteban's sentencing. >> i want everyone to know how beautiful michelle was and how much she impacted our family. >> the judge never seen such pre-meditation in a murder case that was based on circumstantial evidence. giselle esteban never showed a hint of remorse. >> we always felt she felt no remorse. a blank stair and so it was good he pointed that out. >> reporter: jurors deliberated for 4-1/2 days in october. giselle esteban killed michelle le in may 2011 in the belief that michelle le was having a relationship with the father of giselle esteban's daughter. >> she revealed her own ugly mess and revealed michelle's beauty. >> reporter: giselle esteban waited for michelle le in a hospital parking lot before attacking her while she walked to her car. >> maybe she will never feel remorse. >> reporter: giselle
what you can expect for christmas eve coming up, here is tara moriarty. >>> some flooding near the sonoma raceway, just be aware it is causing some delays. san francisco you can see traffic on the right as you make your way towards fso and traffic is flowing well into san francisco, let's head back to the desk. >>> police are searching for a missing man. police say he may be in a creek in fairfax. here is alex savage who will report on what happened just moments before the man went missing. here is alex. >> reporter: the search has been temporarily called off for this man at the creek and the police chief just told me a short time ago, they will be back out here and searchers will later on this morning at first light continue that search but for now the search has been called off. th are looking for a suspected drunk driver who jumped into the water. police have been searching the creek and authorities have been using a boat to look for the man but so far no sight of him. the police chief said they tried to make a dui stop on the man's car. the man got out of the car but during
francisco, i am tara more i don't rememberty. >> channel -- tara moriarty. >> thank you, tara. >>> there is more information on the deadly mall shooting. they released the names of the victims and the suspect who terrorized thousands of people. the clackamas sheriff identified this man jacob tyler roberts as the gunman. he fired as many as 60 shots before he killed himself. a 40-year-old won and 54-year-old man were killed. a young girl is in critical condition. this is in the midst of chaos. >> 10,000 people in the mall at one time kept a level head. they got themselves out of the mall. they helped others get out. >> the sheriff said there is no apparent relationship between the gunman and the people he shot. they have not yet determine add motive. he said it as heart-breaking tragedy that would have been much worse had the gunman's rifle not jammed. >>> torres, man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. we are joined outside the courthouse and this is his first public appearance. right. janine. >> reporter: we have not seen him in court since the spring. i alm
from san jose and of course stanford university. >>> tara moriarty watching the roads for us this morning. and tara, how are things looking? >> everything is looking pretty good so far. hopefully not too many folks out there because of the holiday. right now we all head over to the east bay. this is a look at highway 4. no delays. highway 24 through lafayette traffic on the right hand side there toward the caldecott tunnel is moving nicely. and finally 680 traffic is also looking good in both directions. 4:48. steve, nice to have you back. >>> nice to be back. clouds increasing. our system will split a little bit and go right parallel to the coast. we'll have a lot of cloud cover and very cool temps. 30s and 40s right now. with that cold air trapped it will be hard to warm up. rain will spread in along the coast and north bay later on very close calls. we'll have to broad brush it. cloudy to mostly cloudy. rain to the north. continues very, very cool though. in fact below average on the temps. upper 40s or low 50s. i might be a little optimistic on some of these. rain later o
moriarty in for sal. getting heavier, tara? >> that's right. along 80, near the -- right along 88 near the dumb barton, we have some -- dumbarton, we have some traffic there. be aware of that. up next, let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that the metering lights are on and i would give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes to get into san francisco this morning. those metering lights have been on since about 6:00. down in the south bay, 101, you can see traffic on the right- hand side of your screen. you can see the brake lights. those are headed northbound toward the airport. we experience a little slowdown at this time of the morning but it's not too bad. >>> we have a nice afternoon in store for your friday. this morning, quite cold out here, some of us, even a few degrees above freezing. giving you a look at the blue sky. we have a little bit of patches of fog there crossing over. but some of us dealing with thicker fog. it's right along the ground. napa, reporting visibility down to a quarter mile. this allows for the colder temperatures and the fog to form. 3
. >>> we begin with a big rig fire. it happened at 3:00 this morning. tara moriarty is live with more. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. it's a route that this truck driver says he's taken twice a month. when he came through this parking lot here, there was a wire. he says that's not normally here. that's what the big rig snagged. if you look here you can see the remains of the truck here. now, we could see and hear sparks. there was an explosion and could you feel the heat yards away. it happened around 3:15 at sweeney camp which is part of the juvenile detention facility off fairmont drive. two men were trapped inside the big rig hit the power lines. he just happens to be a volunteer firefighter. >> he trains as a volunteer firefighter told him if you are in energized wires to jump. they may not have known they were energized at the time but they jumped. >> reporter: we've been speaking to the men. they are pretty grateful. the volunteer firefighter knew to jump and then the firefighters arrived. and they had the wires to contend with and they let the wires burn until pg&e ar
story from oakland. a grandmother was shot and killed by a stray bullet. ktvu's tara moriarty is in oakland right now with the latest on who she was and how this happened. tara? >> reporter: well, the woman was simply walking to the store, the way she's probably done countless times before. but last night she didn't make it. and now police at headquarters are trying to figure out exactly who is responsible. this violence erupted around 7:00 last night on the 9100 block of international boulevard, when gunfire erupted across the street from the victim. she was a 49-year-old grandmother walking with a relative when she was struck and killed. police did not identify a woman. but a long time friend said she was ramona foreman who cared for her mother. now, police have made no arrests. they are still trying to figure out what instigated the gunfire that left at least ten shellcationss on the sidewalk -- shell casings on the sidewalk and then after that, more gunfire. one person was injured and drove himself to the hospital. he was transferred to highland hospital. his condition is
will check in with tara more i don't rememberty. >> -- tara moriarty. >> this is pinehurst road and redwood road and injury accident in livermore. this is 580 at the off ramp. it popped up. looks like the car spun out and hit the divider. >> look a the the east shore driveway. you head eastbound towards the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have seen a lot of back up. but it is starting to clear. it is a bit slow once you go over the span. >>> we have traffic flowing nicely in both directions in san mateo. we head back to the desk. >>> you can still see the raindrops in the traffic cameras. still a few lingering showers out there. the heaviest rain moving out of the bay area. here is the live camera towards the oakland area. lots of cloud cover and some of the mist and drizzle. right now on the maps. live storm tracker 2, you can't pick it out south and the east. that was over the region earlier this morning. we still have activity here. nothing too significant and enough to trigger the windshield wipers out there. also, tracking lots of cloud cover out there. even if you are
at an apartment building and you can see they are putting up the ladder an examining the fire. tara moriarty has more information and we will have a live report coming up at 5:00. >>> scientists are trying to figure out why dozens of dead squid are landing on beaches. marine biologists say it is unusual because they usually live in warmer waters. they believe an over abundance of food may have caused this and they are warning people not to touch the squid. >>> jacobs will not play the regular season games after posting he was quote rotting away on the 49ers bench. on saturday, he wrote, i don't understand why people are angry with me. 49ers chose to bench him rather than release him and it is possible they don't want to take his knowledge to the play book and a team that could hurt them in the playoffs. >>> and tight end vernon davis in addition to being one of the best players at his position, davis is also an artist. some of his paintings are on display at his gallery. the money will go to at risk kids. >> i was afraid to reach out to kids and let them know it is safe to be an artist. you don
throughout the day and as we learn more from this story we will of course bring it to you. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> somebody broke in and ran off with jewelry. coming up, two major road blocks are keeping investigators from cracking this case. >>> around 8:40 police responded to a shooting south of the coliseum when officers arrived they found a man dead. police have not revealed an identity but called for a translator saying the victim was asian. they shot a woman in the 900 block of west oakland and she is listed in stable condition and in north oakland a man was shot and there are no arrests in any of these cases. >>> san jose faces the highest murder rate in 20 years. at 3:00 a.m. billion called after getting is are of a car crash. they found a teen lying in the street. it appears the victim was stabbed. an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death. >> there is a lost weird angels. >> the victim is between 15 and 16 years old and no arrests have been made. >>> they responded to a condominium overnight at about 10:30 last night. they only damage
into a concord video game store. ktvu's tara moriarty is at the scene to tell us what the driver was after and if the store will be open today. >> reporter: no, the store will not be opened today. it's boarded up. the manager just put a sign on the board. can see there were dvds strewn all over the floor. shattered glass after someone drove through the door deliberately. the police say the thief smashed through the front door, metal framing, in order to steal items from a display case. it happened just before 4:00 this morning at the clayton county center. an alarm triggered the call to police. when officers arrived, it was a very dramatic-looking scene with a silver honda sitting in the store with the driver nowhere to be seen. police say the car is registered out of redwood city. they believe it was stolen. we're not sure if there was more than one thief and if they ran off and drove away. we spoke to the store manager. she's not allowed to appear on camera per her employer. she was pretty shocked. she's been here for the past three years. she said she spent most of the morning sweeping
. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> firefighters are still on the scene of a house fire when the fire was reported on sanchez and 27th street. the flames damaged a garage but managed to keep it from spreading any further. the home is under construction right now and nobody is living there. we will have a live report coming up in about 30 minutes. >>> well you may have heard a loud explosion and they found some chemicals. they had been on the house for years and were too dangerous to move. the home was boarded up and the bomb squad was there and they found nobody was hurt. >>> they were trying to find out who shot at a marine recruiter. it happened in the southbound lanes of stevens creek boulevard. the recruiter was driving an unmarked government car at the time. the vehicle was hit several times but the recruiter was not hurt. >> it went across his lap so he was a really lucky guy. >> they do not believe the marine was targeted because he was wearing a jacket over his uniform and right now there are no suspects. >>> it was aimed at reducing gun violence in the city's bay vie
. live in downtown san francisco, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> we -- ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we just got new video from the past 30 minutes as you can see, it is busy but not jam packed and a lot of people are taking care of their last minute shopping. bay area nurses are spending this christmas eve walking the picket lines. [ music ] >> close to 5,000 nurses at 9 bay area sutter hospitals are holding a one day strike. they are striking over staffing levels, health benefits and sick days. negotiations broke off with the hospital in july. >> we are working on the old contract as it's right now, but we feel that they should at least come back and negotiate with us. >> the hospitals say they have rehired replacement nurses to strike. >>> four firefighters responded to a house fire this christmas eve morning. two were shot and killed and two others were wounded. it appears it was a trap. the gunman fired at the firefighters when they arrived at the burning house in webster which near rochester. it kept firefighters were battling the fire and the gunman was later found
. >>> good afternoon, i am tara moriarty, in today for tori campbell. >>> we begin today with a deadly morning in oakland, hours after the city announced a plan to make streets safer. >>> within a two hour timeframe this morning two people were shot and killed and a third person stabbed to death. ktvu's alex savage is live with more. >> reporter: after the homicides it is 530, 5 of them justified from carding to the department, still more than last year and so far no arrests have been made. >>> the coroner carries the body of a woman out of this apartment this morning, found stabed to death inside one of the units here on walnut street. a neighbor called 911 around 2:30 this morning. an officer showed up to find the woman with several stab wounds. >> just a bunch of arguing and you know -- which is common, which is common, it is always arguing going on here you know. i didn't think nothing of it. >> andre perkins lives downstairs and told me he heard a loud argument early this morning then woke up to find a crime scene outside his door. >> it is tragedy. you know what i am saying? it
area. especially in the north bay. ktvu tara moriarty has been out in petaluma since 4:30 this morning just shivering. i heard someone heard us talking about you saw you and came out to help you stay warm. >> i know. ann marie from petaluma, thank you so much. she saw us out here and saw i didn't have any gloves. she brought some out. thank you so much. it's going to make my job a lot easier. scraping the windshield here all the ice you see. make sure you keep your ice scrapers handy or a credit card. a freeze warning is in effect for the not guilty bay. we have temperatures plunging into the 20s. the frost and ice could pose a threat to pets, crops, and pipes. one plumber we spoke to says the best way to protect your pipes is to wrap them or letting the faucets drip slowly to keep the water slow flowing. growers are also covering plants to protect them. and this morning we spoke to a dairy farmer that says the cold comes a few times a year but doesn't mind. >> oh yeah frosty mismorning -- this morning. i had to start my pickup a little earlier this morning. but we got it thawed out. >
with tara moriarty. good morning tara. >> reporter: this is 237 milpitas, no delays yet and 880 near the oakland coliseum, southbound towards hayward, again your traffic is looking good, let's head back to the desk. >>> we are continuing to follow a developing story in the east bay, power is still out in one oakland neighborhood. it all began with an out of control car, lorraine blanco gives us a look at the damage, lorraine? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a public information office area and pg&e crews have been able to restore power to all but a few customers. it has been a blackout since a nissan altima hit a power pole. they say it started when a driver crashed into a vehicle near sunkist and that driver kept on driving and crashed into another vehicle closer to where we are standing near the freeway. the altima snapped the freeway in half and knocked out power to 6800 customers. they are hoping that person will come forward this morning and they say there is at least one pole which needs to be replaced out here and several down on the roadway. it takes hours to repla
hours ago off dixon and copperfield avenue. ktvu's tara moriarty is here now. you got there shortly after the fire started. you talked to some of the fire victims. what are they saying? >> reporter: right now, arson investigators are here on the scene -- scene are trying to figure out if this is the case. when a woman came downstairs early this morning, she said the living room was filled with smoke and flames. she and her son ran out. this is video from the hayward fire department. crews say that the top and bottom floors of the apartment unit off dixon street and they got here. firefighters were able to knock it out within ten minutes and prevent it from spreading to other people's homes. the woman who lives here told us that she heard a crashing sound. she believes this fire was done on purpose. >> she describes somebody threw something through the window, may have been a cocktail. i didn't see anyone. i saw the loud bang and flames after that. >> reporter: now, another family had to be evacuated. so more than half a dozen people total. the mother and son are staying with friends
and very low 30s. tara moriarty is -- i got a tweet from bubba the ta tus said he would --er to tus, he said he would -- taurtes. he said he would bring you some gloves but he would be there by august. >> reporter: there's been ice on the windshield. we've been scraping it off all morning long. freeze warning in effect for the north bay this morning with temperatures plunging between 24 and 30 degrees this morning. the frost and ice could pose a hazard for those pipes to prevent your pipes from freezing, wrap them or let the faucets drip slowly. growers are protecting their crops. we spoke to one man who said he had to take extra precaution for his cows on frosty mornings. >> i had to hoping for that. we haven't quite gotten there yet. i want to say the traffic times are about the same, 15, 20 minutes. speaking of traffic times, 880 southbound between hayward and fremont between 238 and mallory avenues, after that it looks good. we're talking about the south bay and northbound 101 has been busy from the 280 interchange. he's steve. you know what, steve? i for goat to use the 280 picture
parents fear for their own children in schools right here. ktvu tara moriarty live in san francisco now to tell us how school officials are taking precautions to make sure schools and children are safe. tara. >> reporter: many schools have fences like the one you see behind me that are designed to keep visitors out. they ask people to go to the office and register. but if they don't and someone means harm it's questionable how far people will go. california superintendent discusses new metal detectors. he has alerted all 1100 public school districts to review safety plans. >> try to minimize the risk as best you can. but we can't live in fear and have every school be a closed fortress of some kind. it's a place of learning. >> reporter: some parents argue that adding more security won't keep someone from entering a school. pointing out that sandy hook elementary had a locked door into the school but the gunman shot his way through it. >> school had security. had extra security. more than her school does. >> you still need to be free to roam and there are children. but adults need to be
. temperature tom is live with the -- tara moriarty is live with the details. >> reporter: if you look at the ipad the back of it is silver here. police say that scam artists were using silver picture frames that looked just like this with little stickers in order to try to trick people. it was just last week they pulled over a car at a shopping center and realized it had a stash of fake ipad boxes. detectives believe that person was intending to sell them for a cheaper price than the real ipads. now inside the boxes police say they found a replica of an ipad wrapped in bubble wrap to hide its true features. it's not known where they would be sold and how much they would be sold for. always remember if you are buying electronics off the street to completely open up the product and inspect it before purchasing. if you were a victim of this or similar scam, you are urged to contact your local police department and starting today in vallejo if you plan on doing holiday shopping police will step up patrols around shopping malls, strip malls, as well as the downtown area. now we will try to
counties. >>> let's turn to tara moriarty, because she is following an accident in the east bay, tara? >>> that's right, the rain is taking a toll on the commute and cars are so slippery they are slipping all over the place. if we take a look at our maps, we can zoom in on the area at lead san county lane and it causing some congestion in the opposite of the commute. you can see traffic is flowing pretty well and we had expected those metering lights to be going on and you are in luck because a lot of people have the day off. we can see 280 traffic in san jose is flowing nicely in both directions, here is mark. >>> we are looking out towards san francisco with some clouds testimony right now on live storm tracker you can't see the coverage and it looks like the bulk of the activity am focused on the southern parts of the region but in parts of the north bay. it is beginning to weaken must in parts, we'll move to maps and show you activities you can't see here and this is moving rapidly to the east and this is east of vallejo and to san francisco, this is one cell moving to the south a
up saving lives. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> in overnight news, cars slammed as the driver sped away and this all happened on 5th and embark der relieving this watery mess behind. >>> well they will close in the next few weeks. they are expected to shut down next month now the county board of supervisors voted under a mousily to close those -- unanimously to close those fire stations and they would have raised money to keep those fire stations open. >>> john mcafee could soon come to the united states. john mcafee's detention is ruled illegal and he should be released as early as today. he entered the count trip illegally to avoid police in pay lease. he said he wishes to quote live in peace. >>> they successfully launched it into orbit. coming up how the un plans to respond to this controversial rocket launch. >>> any signs we have had overnight, is it affecting the commute? >> well, people are driving more slowly and backups will start sooner than normal and we already have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and usually it starts later than this but i am
into a game stop store in concord. tara moriarty is on the scene with a look at the damage, this is tough because it will be a busy time for that store. >> reporter: this is something you don't see very often according to the store manager here. a car drove through the storefront at the game stop and you can see the shattered glass is everywhere and according to police, it appears it was a brazen burglary and the thieves were after some iphones that were in that display case. now the car was a silver honda that drove through the metal doors and police arrived on scene. they say the car was registered and believe it was stolen. the incident happened shortly before 4:00 a.m. and it triggered the alarms and police arrived just after 4:00. the driver and the car was here all banged up but no driver. we spoke to the manager and she is not allowed to appear on camera, but she was shocked. she said somebody has thrown a rock through the window in the past but driving a car through, well, that is new. they are boarding up the store to prevent any other looting and the store is also closed. >>> t
portland, oregon. tara moriarty has more on the victims, the chaos and the shooter. tara? >> well, this is apparently a random attack. according to sheriff deputies more people would have been killed if it weren't for the shooter's gun getting jammed. witnesses described him as methodical, walk, not running, taking his time trying to pick on his victims -- pick up his victims. we have cell phone video from the cla ka mass town center -- clackamas town center. he was wearing camouflage and a hockey mask was carrying an assault rifle. two people were killed. one, badly hurt. someone said he announced, i'm the shooter, in between shots. >> i think it was an open mall massacre. that's the best way to describe it. i don't know what he was going through. i know he came in their on a mission. he ran in their fast. >> reporter: now, law enforcement officers say they did not fire any shots during the ordeal and the shooter took his own life. investigators have tentatively identified the shooter believed to in his early 20s but they are not releasing his name until they get confirmation. as
claimed the life of a grandmother. tara moriarty is in oakland and tells us the woman is believed to have been an innocent bystander, good morning, tara. >> reporter: this marks the 124th homicide of the year and it is the latest to happen off of international boulevard. the woman was walking to the store on the 9100 block when she was caught in the crossfire between the two people on the other side of the street. the grandmother was walking with a relative when she was struck and killed. a long time friend knew her and said she lived just four blocks away from the for and cared for her elderly mother. police have made no arrests and they are trying to find out what caused the gun fighting and it left 10 shell casings after that shooting more gunfire erupted and he drove himself to the hospital where he was later transported to hyland hospital. they do not believe the two shootings are related and coming up, we will tell you what the victim of the -- the two children of the victim had to say. >>> it led to a report of a gunman on the campus of san jose city college. it prompted the campus
in the bay area. tara moriarty is live at st. cecilia in san francisco this morning to talk more about how the students will honor the victims today. tara. >> reporter: students here plan to wear blue and gold today and those are the school colors for sandy hook elementary school. now of course on the minds of many administrators statewide is the issue of security. you can see behind me here there is a fence and it's obviously designed to keep intruders out. if someone tries to get in it'sable how far they can get. the superintendent expects new dig cushions -- discussions. >> you can try to bash wire fence every campus and put metal detectors at every entrance, but how much would that cost and how much would that take away? >> reporter: some parents point out that sandy hook elementary school had a locked door into the school. but the gunman shot his way through it. state legislatures say schools like any civic buildings or public places are vulnerable because they are accessible. >> theaters. schools. any place it seems like. just violence in our culture and gun violence imparticular. i
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